Would You Date Someone Who Lives with Their Parents?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Cupid’s arrow is about to strike. With more millennials living at home after graduation, this begs the question – would you date someone who lives with their parents?

Coldwell Banker Real Estate surveyed 2,000+ Americans, and found that the majority of Americans (72 percent) are okay with dating someone who is living with mom and dad. Not surprisingly, this is especially true among those ages 18-29 (80 percent), considering millennials think it’s perfectly fine to live at home for up to five years after college.

“Today’s dating habits are evolving as living with your parents is becoming the norm,” says Dr. Robi Ludwig, leading psychotherapist and Coldwell Banker Real Estate lifestyle correspondent. “There is now less of a stigma around living with mom and dad, which has led to dating someone in this situation to be more acceptable. The boomerang phenomenon is directly impacting the way in which we view dating and the relationships that transpire from these arrangements.”

When it comes to the battle of the sexes, men should take heed – 37 percent of women say that they would not date someone who lives with their parents compared to 18 percent of menthat’s more than double. While men seem to be more forgiving in their dating standards, moving out into one’s own pad may be the key to a flourishing love life.

“For those who are in this living arrangement, it’s important to set a plan to eventually transition to the next phase of their lives,” adds Dr. Ludwig.

So while it’s okay to spoil your sweetheart with flowers and chocolates on February 14, it may be wiser to start looking for that love shack – with the help of Coldwell Banker, of course!

The full survey results can be viewed here

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