When it rains, let it pour – straight into a rain barrel

Most of that water will run off houses, streets and parking lots and into storm drains, where it will flow through pipes, ponds and creeks until it hits Galveston Bay.

Sarah Cunningham, water quality outreach coordinator for the foundation, said the group’s rain-barrel education program began in 2013 to help conserve water, reduce runoff and prevent bacteria from reaching Galveston Bay through storm drains.

[...] the foundation has put 1,100 rain barrels in the community, potentially cutting 1.9 million gallons of runoff a year.

[...] rain barrels also can help reduce flooding in your yard, which, given our recent weather, can be a huge benefit.

The foundation’s rain barrels, donated by the Coca-Cola Co., are food-grade barrels that make a “closed system” rain barrel.

Simply use one of the several nontoxic mosquito dunks, or pour a tablespoon of vegetable oil into the water to create a seal on the surface that mosquitoes can’t penetrate. …read more

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