What are the top 5 things Women look for in a home?

1. Big closets- Women tell researchers, real-estate agents and anyone else who will listen that they want a home that helps manage a family’s accumulation of stuff. That means cupboards, drawers, cubbies and organizing systems. But above all, it means great walk-in closets.

2. Jetted Bathtubs- As retro as it may sound, the bubblier the better. Moms love ‘em because kids love ‘em,” . Life’s hard enough without having to drag kids kicking and screaming into the bathtub.”

3. Location- Women generally care more about location and less about size. A small home with great architectural character or a beautifully built little jewel box will fulfill many a woman’s dreams better than a megahouse — provided she loves the location.

4. Security- Feeling safe at home is crucial to everyone, but women rank it as an extra-high priority. Qualms about safety will break a deal, particularly for single women.

5. A place for Socializing- A party space is nice, but an even bigger priority, women tell housing experts, is a comfortable environment for sitting around and sharing. Preferably with food. It could be a kitchen island or counter, a comfortable den or a corner with a couple of chairs and a sofa pulled up in front of a fireplace.

Taken from MSN.com

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