Welcome Home: Weyant Family

weyant family Welcome Home: Weyant Family

The Weyant family loves the ocean. Their life seemingly revolves around it and it’s where the place they call home resides. So when Super Storm Sandy hit the area of Freeport, Long Island, it left them devastated both physically and mentally.

The Weyants were uprooted and found shelter with family, but it just wasn’t the same. They craved to be back home. Our friends at NBC’s George to the Rescue set out to make that dream happen by rebuilding their home and getting them back to the place they longed for by the ocean.

A house could be anywhere. A home is what you make of it.

In this video above, you’ll see just how much the concept of home means to them. I love what Priscilla Weyant says at the start of the video: “A house could be anywhere. A home is what you make of it.” Well said Priscilla.

See the video above and catch the full episode of George to the Rescue as the remake the Weyant’s home by clicking here.

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