Tour Through the Home of Paul Revere- One of America’s Greatest Supporters

p.r. Bedroom Tour Through the Home of Paul Revere  One of Americas Greatest Supporters

As Home of the Brave Week comes to a close, we wanted to highlight one more influential individual in American history who played an integral part in helping us to become the free and great nation we are today. Paul Revere, a first generation American–his father was French and their pre-anglicized name was Riviore, might have been this country’s greatest supporter and fan. He is one of Boston’s finest–having lived in  the great city his whole life.

At the early age of 13, Revere left school to work in the family business of silversmithery, but his best role was being a true American patriot. Not only did he fight in the French and Indian War, which is also recognized as the Seven Years War, he also participated in the great American Revolution.

Equally as famous is his home located on Boston’s North End at 19 North Square. It was in this home that Revere lived from 1770-1800 and raised his family which consisted of 16 children–can you believe that! The home is said to be the oldest one in Boston, and it has since become a non-profit museum maintained by the Paul Revere Memorial Association. The Paul Revere House was originally built …read more


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