The Gas Free Snow Blower for Your Winter Driveway

The white giant of winter is not so far away for much of us who don’t live in the South or Southwest portions of the U.S. But for those who live in the great north, dealing with snow is always in the back of homeowner’s minds.

Snow blowers are a precious commodity for those who must plow their way through much of the winter months, but there’s always the hassle of getting gas for the blower or getting it to start…until now.

I just discovered the Snow Joe Ion snowblower on which is a battery powered, instant start snow blower. It’s light enough for pretty much any adult to handle, but has enough power to plow you out of a 10 inch snowstorm.

At $400 the price point isn’t ridiculous either. You’d probably pay more having a plow come clear your driveway and walkway after just 2 snowfalls. The Snow Joe Ion even has a headlight for those early mornings or late night snow plowing jobs.

I haven’t used the Snow Joe Ion so I can’t speak from experience, but by the looks of it this might be a nice little present to get before the winter months come rolling.

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