The Farmer’s Almanac Predicts a Record Breaking Hot Summer

Summer is going to be a scorcher with higher-than-average temps and lower-than-average rainfall throughout most of the continent. Be prepared for record-breaking “sizzle” in parts of the country. (The Farmer’s Almanac)

If you live on the East Coast, like me, then you couldn’t be more excited for the arrival of Summer. This past Winter was a nightmare for a majority of the country. In NJ we had upwards of 30+ inches of snow and temperatures that made it seemingly impossible to move. The thought of Spring, let alone Summer, seemed imperceptible. But now we’re here, awaiting the start of arguably the best three month period of the year only to find out more disconcerting news!

According to the wholly trusted Farmer’s Almanac, this Summer is going to be hotter than usual, especially in July and August. They also foresee extensive periods of heavy rain which will make the climate seem almost tropical (staycation, anyone?) In September, we should be aware of a possible hurricane that may strike the Atlantic Coast.

So with all of this information, what does this mean to you and your home?

1. Elevated Electricity Bills

Many’s first response when the temperature rises is to crank up the air conditioning. Running it all summer will surely result in a high statement. Here are some tips on how to slash energy costs this summer.

2. A Withering Garden and Landscape

Even plants that are designed for direct sunlight will be tested this summer. Think twice before going out and spending loads of money on greenery. Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly gardening tips.

3. Increase in Produce Prices

Because of the anticipated periods drought in parts of the west and south, there will not be an abundance of our favorite summer foods.

4. Possible Chance of Flooding

Take any precautionary measures possible to prevent your home from being overcome with water. A great post from Allstate on how to prepare for and react to flooding.

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