Sweet gum may be under too much stress

[...] I’ve been deep-watering since the leaf drop, and the tree appears to have stabilized, with leaves at the top of the tree still mostly green and new buds forming on lower branches.

Plant roots that struggled in soggy, oxygen-depleted soil were suddenly forced to adapt to another extreme.

Mulching the root zone will help conserve soil moisture and moderate soil temperatures.

Trees with roots that extend into lawns and flower beds will pick up any fertilizer applied in those areas.

[...] if needed, apply an organic fertilizer around your tree in fall and/or early spring to boost soil nutrients.

While the tree always has produced abundant fruit, the color of the leaves has never been very good.

The pale foliage could be the result of inadequate nitrogen, which you can improve by applying a brand-name organic nitrogen fertilizer or cottonseed meal. …read more

Via: Gardening


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