Stardom Starts at Home for These Cutie Pies

The release of our brand new commercial ‘Home Sweet Home’ has us at Coldwell Banker thinking about all things music and home! Get a look at this absolutely adorable video of two little girls, Zoe and Maddie, singing their hearts out to “Let it Go,” from the movie Frozen (Walt Disney Pictures).

This unique take on a music video, shot entirely out of the family’s living room, exemplifies in my mind two things. One is that talent showcases itself very early, and two–even the most renowned stars can trace back their success to humble beginnings performing at home. Home is the place many of us feel most comfortable and supported. This is definitely apparent in Zoe and Maddie’s performance, and they were appropriately dressed as princesses.

I cannot remember how many plays and musicals I put on for my family as a young child in my living room. I would create scripts, write songs, and rehearse my behind off. This was all in anticipation of the big day that my parents, stuffed animal friends, and dog would gather on the couch to watch me render my best example of a superstar at work. I swore I would be a singer or an actress, maybe both–the next Jennifer Lopez? Obviously that didn’t happen. As I got older, my mom brought me back to reality by telling me that I was completely tone-deaf and that my expectation of making it as the next American Idol was definitely not happening.

Maddie and Zoe however are something special. They look like they’ve got everything it takes it make it big, including most importantly the heart. I look forward to seeing them under the bright lights one day!

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