Sound Real Estate Lessons from the Incas

This is a guest blog post by our very own Kalpana Krishna-Kumar:

This year I resurrected my travel bucket list and the destination I picked was Peru – in particular Machu Picchu – the mystical “Lost City of the Incas”. To make a long joyous story short, it was every moment the fabulous experience I had dreamed of. That story is for my personal blog; but during my visit there, I kept seeing sensible real estate wisdom the Incas followed many centuries ago that are very relevant to every buyer, home-owner or seller in today’s housing market. Here they are:

Location, Location, Location:

Yes, the Incas must have certainly known of this central tenet of home ownership. Machu Picchu (in original Quechua language meaning “Old Mountain or Peak”) is considered by some to have been the summer retreat of the greatest Inca king – Pachachuti. It was obvious that he thought strategically while picking the location. Machu Picchu has:

- Some of the most spectacular and mystical views in the world
- Abundance of water and food supply from the fertile lands, and
- Natural defenses – steep mountain cliffs and deep precipices that surround it along with the fast-running Urubamba River running along the base of the mountain.

No wonder the invading Spaniards (and the rest of the world) spent so much energy looking for it and could not find it for a long time.

Real Estate Wisdom: Location is key to home value. As a buyer, determine what’s important to you – commute time, schools, amenities, views, neighborhood, etc. and prioritize them. Use these as search criteria whether looking online (check out or the Sitegeist app available for iPhones and Androids) or with a Coldwell Banker real estate professional.

Location is key to home value

Knowledge is power:

Have you been taken by surprise when your basement flooded the first time it rained after you moved into your new home? Or you found large cracks in your foundation – thanks to the roots of the beautiful white Spruce on the side of the house? Take a lesson from the Incas – the Incas knew about the seismic activity of the Andes when they decided to build Machu Picchu. They were no strangers to the perils of earthquakes and erosion due to heavy rainfall either. So they borrowed sound construction concepts from the civilizations that occupied the land before them. Inca engineering has amazed historians and tourists alike – even giving rise to speculations of alien intervention (remember Indiana Jones’s adventures in the Land of the Incas?). No – I didn’t find evidence of any extra-terrestrial beings. But I did find smart architecture and efficiency to manage the issues that could affect their sacred abode.

Real Estate Wisdom:

a) Buyers – Before you put your bid in, learn more about the potential home and neighborhood. Some suggestions:

- Ask your real estate agent for a Sellers Disclosure (if available)
- Get the home inspected by a certified Home Inspector
- Request for information publicly available from the Town or simply …read more

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