Slideshow: 5 Homes Fit for “Royals”

Florence Slideshow: 5 Homes Fit for Royals

“And we’ll never be royals
It don’t run in our blood” – From Lorde’s ‘Royals’

While many legendary acts like Paul McCartney and Jay Z released new material in 2013, it was a 17 year old newcomer from New Zealand who proved to be the breakout star of last year.

Although Lorde’s album Pure Heroine was met with critical and worldwide fanfare; it’s her three-time Grammy Award nominated song “Royals” that catapulted her to Superstardom. In the song that topped charts for 9 consecutive weeks, she accurately states that “we’ll never be royals“, and unless your name happens to be William or Harry she’s probably right.

We might never “be royal” and have titles and lands to fight over like they do in Game of Thrones; but you could certainly feel like royalty in any one of these 5 homes fit for Kings and Queens:

This 12th century castle in Florence is something out of an old Shakespeare play; truly made for Kings and Queens. The estate includes the ancient castle with its Romanesque church, a farm, a villa and a tower with strong walls to fend off would be usurpers.

Listed by: Coldwell Banker Immobiliare Florence Branch

Located near Monaco and Cannes, this 19th century property feels like its been plucked straight from the pages of a Jane Austen novel. The villa was built by renowned Danish architect George Tersling and features 50 foot ceilings, sweeping staircases and a marble fireplace to read and enjoy tea like a proper royal. I’m no betting man, but I’m guessing Lorde would be “proud of her address” if she lived here.

Listed by: Coldwell Banker PREVIEWS Demeure Prestige.

Loches Slideshow: 5 Homes Fit for Royals

This 13th century castle built during the Renaissance still exudes all of the magnificence of its time, in its decorative elements and exceptional bands of medallions. Those wishing to live like “royals” need not to look any further; for this extraordinarily elegant castle features about 3 acres of trees, meadows and swimming pools that would even make a Lannister jealous.

Listed by: Coldwell Banker PREVIEWS Demeure Prestige

St. Martin v2 Slideshow: 5 Homes Fit for Royals

Not all Princes and Princesses were born in the 1500s, so this estate built in 2005 would be perfectly suitable for the discerning tastes of the 21st century royal. The cliffside retreat offers astounding coastline and island views of the island of Anguilla. How seriously royal looking is this phenomenal estate? Lorde or anyone else who lives here could certainly scream “Let me be your ruler” and it wouldn’t sound crazy.

Listed by: Coldwell Banker Real Estate St Maarten

Textile Slideshow: 5 Homes Fit for Royals

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