Real Estate Headlines for the Almost End of July

It’s only July. How dare stores already start to promote “back to school.” There’s still a full month of summer fun left. Before you take back your right to summer by running through the sprinkler in your backyard, here’s your weekly dose of real estate headlines: states the obvious with this headline: Hiring an Experienced Real Estate Agent is Important.

The Guardian thinks rent control is the key to fixing UK’s housing problems.

AOL Real Estate reports that mortgage rates are seen as “stabilizing.”

How’s this for backwards? Could Detroit going bankrupt help its housing market?

Could buying a greener home get you a bigger mortgage?

Thanks to startups and rich parents 20-somethings are buying up million-dollar homes faster than ever.

This is great for first-time buyers and experienced ones alike: How to calculate the “total cost of ownership” before buying or renting a home.

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting report on the rise of the young buyer.

And finally, has a list of 5 “exciting features” that home buyers will pay extra for. Not sure I agree with their #5: a Granny flat.

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