Never Unexpectedly Run out of Gas in Your Grill Again

Spring is making its way into our backyards. I think I even saw a piece of grass on my lawn yesterday among the 8 inches of snow still residing on my lawn. My wife even asked about firing up the grill some time next week. Which immediately sparked the age old question that plagues every utensil wielding grill master: do I have enough gas in the propane tank?

For those with gas grills (stop your pompous snickering charcoal grillers) the worst fear we have is going out on your deck, patio or whatever and finding out the propane tank is empty. Why propane tanks don’t automatically come with some kind of fuel level gauge is beyond me.

That’s where the new Refuel Smart Propane Tank comes in. It uses a scale to measure how full or empty your tank is and communicates the fuel level to your smart phone through their custom app. Sounds so simple because it is! The device is just entering production and looks to be priced right around $20 which is a reasonable price point for a crisis averting tool such as this.

Find out more information at the product site and even track when full production of the Refuel Smart Propane Tank will be ready.

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