Living Home and Going to College

I made the decision to change my status from a resident to a commuter student two weeks before my first year at college was set to start. The decision was easy and made with the help of my parents. Living at home with my family was natural to me and it seemed like the best decision. As I begin my senior year at school and reflect on my choice, I believe commuting the hour to campus was the right thing to do.

Most people question my decision and think that I’ve possibly deprived myself of the “complete college experience.” I can see where they’re coming from but choosing to stay home where I am most happy is something that I could never regret. The idea of missing almost 4 whole years worth of my brother and sister growing up is an overwhelming nightmare. And being around to help my parents whenever they should need it simply outweighs any social activities that college could offer me. Living at home while in college has also allowed me to focus all of my time on school during the week and leave me completely available for fun on the weekends.

Throughout the course of your life, you’re only home for a little while. Enjoying every moment I can with my loved ones is something that I know I will look back on fondly. You have your whole life to figure out adulthood and I enjoy milking the last of my adolescent privileges while I can. Home and the security of family is a true gift that I will continue to treasure for the rest of my life.


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