Is Your Home the Latest Victim of Phantom Energy?

Do you ever look at your energy bill and think, “This just does not make any sense”? If so, you may be the latest victim of “Phantom Energy.” Increasingly, our households are becoming more technological than ever, meaning almost everything needs to be charged and plugged into an electrical socket. And although we unplug our various gadgets from their chargers, how often do we disconnect the actual plugs from the wall?

Anything connected to an electrical socket  uses energy, even though it may be off or not in use, and thus creates a running tab. Consequently, over time, “Phantom Energy” can have a significant impact on households financially. The Huffington Post has reported that Phantom Energy can amount to about 10% of the average household’s electrical bill, yikes! Most of the common, energy stealing, culprits are cell phones, tablets, light fixtures, and kitchen appliances. Another alternative to combating “Phantom Energy” is to connect your devices and appliances to a power strip that features an “On” and “Off” switch. By switching the strip to “Off” at the beginning or end of the day you take what can be a hassle, of unplugging every single plug, out of the equation.

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