How to Remove a Border, Philly-Style

If you’ve had enough of the Phillies’ latest summer slump, then you may be thinking about replacing the strip of wallpaper with the team’s logo pasted on the walls of your man cave and redecorating with an Eagles one. Possibly, your youngest child is heading off to Penn State this fall and you want to remove a border with cartoon characters and convert the bedroom into your new home office. Maybe you’ve recently moved in a cozy starter home just off of Main Street in Manayunk and can’t stand the sight of that eighties black and forest green diamond pattern border in the kitchen.

Whatever the reason, you just want to reach up under that loose seam and yank the border off the wall. It may peel right off. Sometimes, you get lucky. But if a good strong pull leaves behind more than a few shredded remnants of your ex-favorite Philly sports team logo, there are other ways to get rid of the eyesore. Just remember not to wear your kelly-green Eagles-throwback jersey while you work. Wallpaper removal can be a messy job.

If your primary concern is protecting the walls beneath the border, you may want to first try …read more


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