Homes that are Ready for World War Z

world war z movie poster Homes that are Ready for World War Z

World War Z, the best-selling book turned movie is projected to be a summer hit is already getting rave reviews as it releases in theaters today! The thriller follows Brad Pitt, as Gerry Lane—an average Joe turned modern superhero — as he battles against the zombie apocalypse which is threatening to conquer the world  and ruin humanity.

So it got us thinking, are our homes ready for World War Z? Chances are, probably not. However, we did some research on and found some awesome homes that are definitely better prepared for the impending zombie takeover than most. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Mountaintop Retreat- $15,000,000
This is the perfect house to come to when all is going awry. It is completely isolated and has plenty of amenities and space to help keep the family busy while taking refuge.

2. Isolated Island Home- $24,000,000 
Everyone knows that Zombies cannot swim, so this Minnesota home is a perfect haven to retreat to when all of downtown Minneapolis is falling to the enemy, as it is completely surrounded by water.

3. Helicopter Accessible Estate- $43,000,000 
This secluded home has spectacular 360 views of the Pacific Ocean and downtown area. In addition to being built …read more


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