Homes from “VMA” Nominee Hometowns

Justin Graceland Homes from VMA Nominee Hometowns

No matter the artist or genre, part of what makes music so powerful and enduring is the intense connection every artist has to “where they’re from”. The sights, sounds, feelings and people in our “hometowns” are inextricably tied to who we are and those influences almost always resonate in the music artists make. You can almost see and feel Arkansas on a hot summer day through Johnny Cash’s classics, and Frank Sinatra’s iconic tunes ooze the laid back swagger of New York in the 30s and 40s.

The music has changed, but today’s most popular artists still wear their “homes” on their sleeves no matter where their travels take them. With the MTV Video Music Awards nominations recently being announced, it occurred to us that the nominated artists in the “Video of the Year” category all have especially strong ties to their hometowns. To commemorate one of the most entertaining music award shows around, let’s take a look at some homes from their old stomping grounds.

Justin Timberlake – Memphis, Tennessee

Though he up and moved to Florida as a young boy to begin his career in entertainment, Justin has always professed a love for his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee; especially the great …read more


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