Homes from Grammy Nominee Hometowns

Katy Perry Homes from Grammy Nominee Hometowns

No matter the artist or genre, part of what makes music so powerful and enduring is the intense connection every artist has to “where they’re from”. Our travels may take us to far off distant places, but the basic fabric of where we are from is inextricably tied to who we are. Despite hectic travel schedules and world tours, if you listen close enough you can always hear the influence “home” has on the music artists create.

With the Super Bowl of music award shows airing in less than three weeks, we’ve noticed that many of this year’s Grammy nominees have strong ties to their hometowns. To commemorate the 56th annual Grammy Awards and the joy that music brings to our homes, let’s take a look at some homes from their old stomping grounds.

Imagine Dragons – Las Vegas, Nevada

Nominated for ‘Record of the Year’ and ‘Best Rock Performance’; Imagine Dragons has carried on a proud tradition of successful indie rock bands hailing from Sin City.

The breakout band of 2013 have been on the road for much of the last few years but we’re betting they wouldn’t mind coming home to this hip and modern penthouse apartment with unobstructed views of “the strip”. The home also features fantastic views of the mountains that can be enjoyed from inside or from the two perfectly located balconies.

I’m coming home to you
Every night…
Coming home to you
Every night…
From: Every Night

Katy Perry – Santa Barbara, California

Nominated for 11 Grammy Awards throughout her short career, this ‘Song of the Year’ nominee is one of pop music’s most consistently successful acts. Katy wrote the chart topping song “California Girls” after seeing her friends singing Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind” at a party in California. She set out the next day to create a new California anthem to represent who she was.

With homes as gorgeous as this $7.9 million zen-like abode in her hometown of Santa Barbara, we’d be writing songs about our love for the great state as well. This 2 level contemporary home is comprised of expertly selected wood, glass, and stone which perfectly compliments the beach views and redwood decks that offer priceless sunset views.

You could travel the world,
But nothin’ comes close,
To the golden coast!
From: California Girls

Michael Buble – Burnaby, British Columbia

Michael Buble Homes from Grammy Nominee Hometowns

The three-time Grammy Award winner is nominated again in 2014, this time for ‘Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album”. The new king of Christmas songs is a proud Canadian who stated that if he was any good at hockey, he probably wouldn’t be singing right now.

Born and raised in the picturesque town of Burnaby, it’s no wonder that Michael has repeatedly professed his love of “home” in his music. We’re not sure where he’s living nowadays but we’re sure he wouldn’t mind calling this magnificent European styled estate home. Besides the spectacular views, the 4,500 square foot home was designed with comfort, luxury and …read more

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