Home Maintenance Checklist for May

Here are a few helpful tips to keeping your home running smoothly throughout the Summer.

When the weather turns warm, follow the impulse to fling open the windows and let in the fresh air and light: The sun’s ultraviolet rays are lethal to many harmful bacteria. May’s the time to ready your home for summer. Baby your cooling system before firing up your air conditioner, change or clean the filter. You’ll want to change it every couple of months while the system is in use. The owner’s manual will explain how to change filters and clean coils and fins in the exterior evaporator unit. With the air conditioning turned off, check the evaporator unit for dirt, brushing and dusting it. Trim any surrounding shrubs. Remove the pan from the bottom of the unit, clean and replace it.
Central air conditioning units have a pipe that drips evaporated moisture onto the ground. If this clogs, water can back up into the house. Each spring, clean the line by removing the cap at the access hole on top of the pipe. Pour a cup of bleach into it, letting the bleach drain to the ground.
Window units: Stop the growth of algae and mold (and musty smells) by pouring two capfuls of bleach into the condensation pan (the drip pan located under the cooling coils). Do this monthly while you’re using the air conditioner. Also, dust the unit regularly.
Evaporative coolers: Open the unit and remove the drip pan. Examine it for leaks or rust. Replace cooler pads each spring.
Taken from MSN.com

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