Home as Seen Through the Eyes of a British Bulldog

No the title is not referring to the former WWE wrestler, but rather the third film in the Coldwell Banker International Film Festival entitled, ‘Watson.’

This video comes to us from American filmmaker, Jared Januschka, who explains how a banned photo became the inspiration for this video:

I was banned from sharing the photograph that inspired The Wonderful World of Watson. Basically, it’s of one of my dearest family members asleep on the couch with Watson laying near his head. One of Watson’s arms is extended over his cuddle buddies shoulder in a protective gesture. After seeing that, I knew I had to make a project around my pup and Coldwell Banker gave me the perfect opportunity.

This warm humanist gesture was the epitome of what ‘home’ meant to me and what I believed Coldwell Banker strives to continually bring to the world.

If man’s best friend can’t make a house feel like home, I’m not sure what can. Januschka also dishes on a little bit of gossip from the film set. Turns out that Watson is a Mariah Carey-esque diva on set. Somehow I’m not surprised.

I guarantee you’ll love this humorous and heartwarming take on what the true value of a home means when seen through the eyes of the family dog.

Click here to watch ‘Watson’ and the other videos in the Coldwell Banker International Film Festival at films.coldwellbanker.com.

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