Happy 107th Birthday Coldwell Banker Real Estate

On this date 107 years ago, Teddy Roosevelt was nearing his sixth year in office as our great nation’s President, movies were still “silent” and Joe Dimaggio was still 8 years away from even being born! Also on this date in 1906, a young real estate agent in San Francisco named Colbert Coldwell started a company that would stand the test of time for the next century plus. That company is Coldwell Banker Real Estate.

Indeed, much has changed since August 27, 1906, but one of the few constants over this period has been the Coldwell Banker brand’s commitment to “believing” – A 107 year-old commitment that we take seriously and that’s as strong as it has ever been.

We believe in many things here at Coldwell Banker Real Estate. We firmly believe in the true value of home and “all the magical things that come with it”. We believe in a home’s restorative powers after long days of work, in mini-super bowls with children in the backyard, in sharing quality time with family/friends during the holidays and so much more. But more than anything, with home purchases and sales often being the most complex, scary and expensive purchases of our lifetimes, we believe that earning and keeping trust is of the utmost importance.

As a “Boomerang Kid“, I entered the “real world” in 2009 when I moved out of my parents’ house and rented a home with my brother and a few friends. Having never owned a home, I knew about the Coldwell Banker “way” and their commitment to building trust by observing legends like Jim Gillespie and reading up on our rich history in “Preserving the Trust”. However, as I currently sit just a few week away from closing on my first home (::knocks on wood::), I can say that I now “feel it” firsthand as a regular homebuyer. I am in good hands.

So as we celebrate the 107th birthday of Coldwell Banker Real Estate with an amazing cake with flags and landmarks from a few of the 50+ countries we sell homes in; here’s to another century of “believing”.


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