Good drainage essential for healthy pittosporums

Root rot or another fungal disease could be the problem, especially given the heavy rains the past year and a half.

[...] good drainage is essential, as these shrubs don’t tolerate extended periods of wet roots.

Note that soils along house foundations often go unimproved, leading to poor drainage and in turn, poor root health.

Several fungi can trigger dieback, a fungal problem that causes browning leaves and branches to die from the tip back.

Prune these infected areas out, sterilize your clippers with a bleach solution between cuts.

With good drainage, a healthy soil and adequate sun, your shrubs may rebound.

Some treat dieback with a fungicide, but many experts say that’s not worth your time and advise focusing on improved culture.

Is there an organic treatment that is safe for birds, earthworms, toads, butterflies and dogs?

The moths lay their eggs on grass, and once hatched, the larva/caterpillars live in silken tunnels built in the thatch of the grass.

Gather the clippings during infestation as the moths lay their eggs on the grass blades.

The exotic spider lily and the oxblood lily share the common name hurricane lily because both bloom at the height of storm season.

Check the drainage to make sure the crape roots are not struggling in an oxygen-depleted, soggy soil. …read more

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