“Ghar” (Home) – A Woman Dreams of What Her Home Will Be

Ghar” is the Indian word for home and its namesake is the grand prize winning video from the Coldwell Banker/MoFilm video contest. It is a powerful and moving narrative about the dreams of a newly married woman who envisions what her home will be like as she starts a new family and future.

Besides the stunning cinematography and memorable scenes, the film struck a particular chord with the team at the Madison, NJ headquarters because it represents a modern approach and take on traditional customs that have been passed down for generations in India.

According to a few of our Coldwell Banker Real Estate colleagues who were born in India, the young couple incorporate time honored rituals such as the putting of powder on the floor and having the wife “cross the threshold”, but they do so in their own uniquely modern way. It shows that no matter where life takes us, our traditions, childhoods and customs are intrinsically a part of who we are.

David Marine and I had the opportunity to meet with the power co-directing duo of Aashini Shah and Vishwesh Kolwalker in Chicago as we honored them for their fine work on this film. They were extremely grateful for the opportunity share and celebrate their communities, homes and stories with the world through the Coldwell Banker International Film Festival.

“We were very excited when we read the brief for the Coldwell Banker contest. It gave us an opportunity to make something close to our hearts, that would represent our community and traditions. We both came up with different concepts which had nuances of our day to day life. Shooting the ad itself was like a celebration; celebration of festivals and childhood memories as well as a woman’s spirit.” – Aashini Shah

Join us at films.coldwellbanker.com for a look at “Ghar” – a film about what we envision home and family to be.

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