Gardening soothes Lost Boy’s memories of fear, deprivation

Gardening soothes refugee’s childhood of fear and deprivation

Ajak, as a boy of only 7, ran for his life for 14 years, dodging bullets and crocodiles, hobbling on skinned feet, starving and dehydrated, often gulping water thick with stagnation and animal feces.

Happy, content children remind him of his life before civil war, before he was hunted, before the years at a refugee camp in Kenya, when his father was alive and family mattered more than anything else.

Passage after passage in the self-published book describes the boy Ajak’s days in the brush or jungle, hearing others’ screams of torture, afraid to sleep for fear of being eaten by a wild animal and walking, always walking, in search of safety.

[...] the Sudanese-American will put any book profits (he’s planning a sequel) toward buying school supplies for the children in the villages wracked by civil war.

School, almost everywhere, is a chalkboard under a tree, with a village volunteer as the teacher, without pens, pencils or paper. …read more

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