From Texas to New York: A New Holiday Home

DDA From Texas to New York: A New Holiday Home

Darla Delayne

Guest Blog Post by Darla Delayne with Coldwell Banker Bellmarc in NYC

Five years ago I packed up my life in Texas and moved to the New York City. As my sixth Christmas in the Big Apple nears I can’t help but reflect on what this life changing transition has been like. Many of my Christmas traditions from life in Texas have been carried over to my new life in the city, but this year there is a new tradition that reminds me that home, during the holidays and every other day, is always better when it is filled with those we love.

My mom, who happens to be an agent with Coldwell Banker United in Austin, TX, finally picked up her roots and planted them right alongside mine in NYC. With her at my side, Manhattan seems even better than before…especially at the holidays!

Manhattan at the holidays with her at my side has given Manhattan even greater wonder.

We started the holiday season with “how fix” (that’s “Texan” for prepare) a Thanksgiving dinner. But we are now New Yawkers. Up here they don’t sell the same brand name products or ingredients we’ve always had. Talk about culture shock! And that’s not even including our new tradition of the watching The Thanksgiving Day person!

The tree lightings all over the city were next. Yes, there is more than one: Bryant Park, Lincoln Center, and of course, Rockefeller Center. This and all of the skating rinks, street decorations and holiday shopping markets in the squares and parks make the whole city get into the spirit. Two weeks after Thanksgiving, my mom and I started venturing out almost every evening to see lit trees and store window displays. That is, me, my mom and every other tourist in the world! Now I know what a “gridlock alert day” means. Even though we are a long way from warmer weather in Texas, I have to admit when the snow falls at dusk it is so incredibly pretty in Manhattan. As long as you don’t look down at the slush.

I’m looking forward to Christmas dinner, skyping with the family back in Texas and bundling up for our planned day-after Christmas walk through Central Park, which looks like Narnia at dusk.

I’m still not sure about New Year’s Eve. Joining millions at Times Square or watching the Coldwell Banker commercial on Carson Daly’s New Year’s Eve Show? I have a feeling this southern gal will stay inside!

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