Former Red Sox Outfielder Johnny Damon Invites Us Inside His Home

This week, we continue our Coldwell Banker Homefield Advantage series with as we take a peek into the home of former Boston Red Sox outfielder Johnny Damon.

A MLB star for 18 seasons, Johnny Damon always looks forward to coming home after his playing days wrap up. And rightfully so, Damon built his home with fun in mind. From the beach volleyball court to the ping pong table and the music room, this home has plenty to offer in the fun department.

One of just a few players to win World Series rings with both the Red Sox and the Yankees, Damon successfully bridged the most legendary rivalry in baseball. While baseball certainly has a special place in Damon’s life, there’s something that is more important to him. He puts it well when he says, “Home is forever.”

Take a peek into Damon’s fun-filled home in the video below or click here to see more video features of other ball players, including CC Sabathia, Neil Walker and Latroy Hawkins as part of the Coldwell Banker Homefield Advantage.

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