Five Hot Pool Design Trends in Dallas/Fort Worth

Educating yourself about pool design is essential if you are in the market to build a pool or updating an existing one. Nearly year-round warm weather in the Dallas/Fort Worth area means you’ll get a lot of use out of your backyard investment. Today’s pool designs give you many more options than ever before.

Debra Smith, manager and certified pool builder from Pulliam Pools in Fort Worth, says that pools offer a wide range of styles and options to customize your experience. Here is a list of the five top trends she noted in pool design.

Year-Round Comfort

Pool owners have had the ability to warm their pools to extend the swimming season for decades. But what do North Central Texans do when it’s August and day after day of 100-plus temperatures make your pool feel like you’re taking a bath? Today’s pool designs include chillers that work similar to a heater to make your pool refreshing, no matter how hot it gets.

Another comfort feature that Metroplex homeowners are installing is shade. Even sun worshipers need a break from time to time, and homeowners are adding pergolas over part of the shallow end of their pool. The shade is particularly welcome to families with babies and small children.

Natural Features

Many Dallas-area pool owners are designing their pools with natural features, like diving rocks or waterfalls with landscaping elements. Even the bottom and sides of the pool can be finished with a pebble-like finish to give any pool the look of a secret swimming hole off the beaten path.

Another natural element that is being incorporated in pool design is fire. Backyard fire pits are as popular as ever, and the newest pool designs incorporate the fire pit with the pool. The bright orange flames paired with the bright turquoise of a lighted pool at night makes a statement no matter what time of year.

Water Light Shows

You can still have the white lights that create a pretty turquoise pool at night, but pool lighting has evolved to give you many more options. Whether you love a nighttime swim or enjoy entertaining outdoors, you can now have bright LED lights in a vast array of colors to suit your mood or party theme.

Some homeowners are designing pools with water features that have LED lighting. They include deck jets in rainbow colors or fountains that not only put on a light show but drown out the noise from traffic in your neighborhood.

Swimming for Fitness

More and more people are using their pools for fitness. Whether you are building a new pool or restoring an old one, at least part of the design can include powerful jets that can hold a swimmer in place. This option allows you to swim for miles if you want without having to hit the Olympic-sized pool at the gym.

Another trend that promotes exercise is a beach entry pool design. The pool gradually gets deeper, allowing you to get at the perfect depth for your water aerobics routine.

Today’s pools give you many options that will …read more

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