Favorite Videos from Life Camera Action Contest: Open House

The Coldwell Banker Life, Camera, Action YouTube contest has officially closed and the 10 top vote-getting finalists have been named. While the grand prize winner won’t be announced until Friday, there are a couple of videos that we really enjoyed that just missed out on getting into the top 10 that we were still some of our faves.

The video above, titled “Open House”, is one of those videos. This video was submitted by Fiorella Occhipinti from La Crescenta, CA and has one of the breakout stars in the Life, Camera, Action contest as the lead.

“Open House” is a take on what a real estate agent showing off a new listing would look like from a child’s perspective. What you get is an adorable mix of cuteness and humor. Nice job Fiorella.

Take a look at the video above or head on over to the Coldwell Banker International Film Festival at films.coldwellbanker.com to see this video and other videos about home during the month of September.

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