Eco-friendly Tips for Moving

This week my husband and I (along with our cat Mr. Jingles and betta fish Salvador) make the big move to Atlanta. For the past month we’ve been preparing for our move and along the way trying to keep in mind the 3 Rs of the environment (reduce, reuse, recycle). Here are some of the ways in which we tried to lessen our footprint in the move:

  1. Reduce. I started going through our home and thinking about what furniture pieces and home decorations I fell out of love with over the years. It ends up there were quite a few items that I had been holding onto and now was the perfect time to gather them all together for a yard sale. What didn’t sell in the yard sale was happily picked up by our local Goodwill store.
  2. Reuse. If you’re like us, we couldn’t afford to have movers come in to pack up our home, so I hit up the local liquor and grocery stores to gather all of our moving boxes. I was pleasantly surprised to find out when I called the newspaper that I could pick up old editions of the paper for our packaging material. For those items that needed extra padding, I simply used towels and sheets to provide that additional security.
  3. Recycle. Cleaning out the shed left me wondering what to do with unfriendly items like paint. Thankfully our move took place close to Earth Day this year, and we were able to bring our paint cans for recycling. If you’re community doesn’t have a way to recycle old paint, you could always find a piece of wood or cardboard to use up the leftover paint. If that’s not an option you can pour kitty litter into the can and wait until it dries up to dispose.

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