Don’t Pass Up Your “Almost Perfect” Dream Home

When I first started my hunt for the perfect home I asked my mom, “Is buying a house sort of like trying on a wedding dress? Will I know for sure when I find the right one?” My mom laughed and said, “No. It isn’t going to feel like a wedding dress.” She explained that no matter what, even if I found the “almost perfect” house, I was going to have doubts. This is the biggest purchase of my life up until now and it is going to be a bit nerve wracking. To help combat our first time home buyer nervousness, my mom advised my husband and I to make a list of pros and cons and to try to stay analytical rather than emotional.

Buyers may have a very specific idea in mind when they are begin looking at real estate listings and shopping for a house. In some cases, they may find their “almost perfect” dream home that is missing one amenity or feature that makes them turn away. However, passing up a property that would be otherwise perfect if it had a pool or granite countertops can cause buyers to miss out on many opportunities.

So before dismissing a …read more


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