Colby Rasmus of the Toronto Blue Jays Has the Best Commute Home in Baseball

As a guy who constantly battles traffic on my commute to work everyday, I often envy those who have a home that’s within a convenient distance from their place of work. But after seeing where Toronto Blue Jays outfielder, Colby Rasmus, lives I believe he wins the prize for best commute.

He not only walks to work every day, but he can throw a baseball and hit his office if he wanted. Colby Rasmus lives in a gorgeous apartment right next to the Rogers Centre where the Blue Jays play all of their home games. And if that wasn’t enough his place has stunning views of the city with enough natural light to make any sun worshipper jealous.

When you see Rasmus’ video you’ll get a sense of how big a change living in metropolitan Toronto really is for him. Having grown up in a rural area and starting his career in the Midwest baseball Mecca of St. Louis, moving to not just a big city but another country can take some getting used to. Rasmus does call Toronto home now and has grown to love not just the place in which he resides, but the community as well.

Check out the latest episode of the Coldwell Banker Home Field Advantage video series below or click here to watch some of our previous videos with today’s MLB stars.

Header image courtesy of Flickr user James G via Creative Commons.

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