A Film from Mexico About the Things that Make Home So Special

Today we head over to Mexico for a look at “I’m Home” – a humorous film that showcases how a man’s troubles in his home are also the exact things that make it so special. We can almost all relate to the hustle and bustle that occurs in the main character’s home in this wonderfully put together story. This film is for all those times Grandma breaks your diet during the Holidays with those unhealthy but irresistible treats; and for those nights you want some peace and quiet but everyone congregates in your home telling loud stories and enjoying each other’s company until the wee hours of the morning.

Directed by up and coming Director Israel Fernandez, “I’m Home” touches on the universal important role that family and friends play in making a house a home.

“When we read about this project we were very excited because families in Mexico are very important and we have a unique chance to show the world all the traditions and details that make a Mexican family so special. The video in fact was a great excuse for having a good time with friends and family and we think that vibe shows through the screen and made the video a success.” – Israel Fernandez

What has been wonderful about screening these International films the past few weeks has been how each film from nations vastly different hone in on a singularly similar appreciation and love for family and friends. It’s the memories and moments with those closest to us that make our houses home.

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