6 Ideas to Celebrate the 2014 Summer Solstice at Home

Our ancestors have been honoring summer solstice, through rituals and celebrations, in many different forms – why wouldn’t they right? Who doesn’t love summertime? So why not do something symbolic this year at your home to celebrate the first official day of summer that honors the sun, the earth and the fire within us. Here are 6 ideas for a 2014 summer solstice home celebration all incorporating symbolic items associated with this event:

  1. In the morning set out a pitcher of water filled with your favorite herbs and let the sun do its work. Here’s a herbal recipe for some solar tea.
  2. Host a pot luck dinner with a backyard bonfire. Invite your friends and family for a solstice celebration and be sure to sing and dance around the fire with those you love. Have some yellow or orange flowers on hand for everyone to toss into the fire reminding us that spring has past and summer is here.
  3. If the weather isn’t cooperating, light some candles (or even the fireplace) as a symbolic gesture of inviting the sun’s energy into your home. While you’re lighting things, might as well burn some incense (or essential oils) of frankincense, juniper or rosemary.
  4. Get the kids involved in making a flower mandala in the center of your home (which in Feng Shui is the health center). If you don’t have flowers in the yard, pick up a mixed bouquet at the grocery store. Try to narrow the colors to yellow, orange and red.
  5. When the sun is at its height on Saturday preform the Sun Salutation yoga sequence in your backyard.
  6. Whip up some delicious summer dishes like a watermelon ricotta salata salad or a simple caprese salad with basil and tomatoes from your garden or a strawberry rhubarb mint cobbler.

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