3 Snow Day Essentials for Kids

snow 3 Snow Day Essentials for Kids

There are four little words that kids long to hear during cold months…

Schools Closed Snow Day

Now for those in warmer states, like Florida for example, you may not be able to relate but trust me when I heard these words as I kid I felt like I hit the jackpot! A snow day at home means sleeping in, having hot chocolate and of course, the best part, playing in the snow!

If you grew up before 2000, I am sure you will agree that they only toy that really mattered on a snow day was a good sled. Well my friends, things have changed. Each year my cousin Tracey makes Christmas shopping super easy because she tells me exactly what my cousins Matthew and Patrick want. This year they had a snow ball and snow brick maker on the list and I must say they are actually pretty cool toys. In addition to these I also found Sno-Markers which I have a feeling I will end up getting for them as well. Check out these awesome toys that have have now become essentials for a good snow day at home.

Snow Ball Maker

For less than $10 this product has some pretty awesome benefits.

1) Makes up to 60 perfect snow balls per minute. (Um, wow!)

2) Obvious but eliminates cold, wet hands

3) Snowballs disintegrate on contact so they won’t hurt like ordinary hand-packed snow balls

Proof that it works!

patrick snowball 3 Snow Day Essentials for Kids

Patrick was a snowball making machine with his new gift!

Get it on Amazon

Sno-Brick Maker for Building Winter Snow Walls, Igloos and Castles

snowblock 3 Snow Day Essentials for Kids

I’m sure this existed when I was a kid but until my cousins asked for it I had never heard of a snow block maker. Needless so say I am jealous I missed out on this awesome little invention. I was pretty excited to see the boys laying down a nice foundation. Check it out in action!

pattmatt 3 Snow Day Essentials for Kids

Patrick and Matthew testing out their new toys.

Get it on Amazon

Sno Art Kit

snowart 3 Snow Day Essentials for Kids

What is a child artist to do when sidewalk chalk isn’t an option? They use sno-markers!

Get it on ToysRUs.com Here

Do you know of any other cool snow toys? Let us know about them in the comments section.

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