Home of the Week: Timeless Elegance in Purchase, NY

In our newest ‘Home of the Week‘ we move from a modern property in Montana to a custom European style home in Purchase, New York.

Sitting on over 2 acres of professionally landscaped grounds you’ll find this elegant and timeless 7,780 square foot home. Above all else, a commitment to sophistication and tranquility are the hallmarks of this $2,599,000 gem.

Everything about this estate is first class – from french doors you see in nearly every room that invite inspiring views from one-of-a-kind gardens, to the harmonious blend of old world luxury and modern amenities. 19 foot great rooms, limestone fireplaces and grand staircases give off a decidedly relaxing atmosphere to the interior, but it doesn’t stop at the front door.

The zen-like outdoor space flanked by waterfalls, wild grasses, specimen plantings and sculptures make this a welcomed retreat from the hustle of the big city. The breathtaking private yard is highlighted by an authentic Japanese Tea House resting comfortably on what the current homeowner calls “Serenity Pond”. When you’ve enjoyed your fill of herbal tea and meditation, this home is located just 35 minutes away from all the excitement and entertainment that New York City offers.

Click here to learn more about this home listed by Debra Padawer with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage.

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Coldwell Banker Teams Up with SNY on Play Ball Initiative

When you buy a home, you’re buying more than just four walls, you’re buying into a community. Our communities are an extension of our homes. They shape our upbringing, our memories and our daily lives. It’s where we walk the dog, it’s where we go to school, and it’s where we root on our local little league team.

Community is synonymous with home. This is particularly true for our network of Coldwell Banker real estate agents. Because in real estate where we work is also where we live.

That’s why Coldwell Banker is proud to be a title sponsor of the Play Ball initiative with SNY, which aims to give back to communities, specifically through youth sports programs. This baseball season, SNY is teaming up with Coldwell Banker and the Mets to award grants, donate equipment, conduct a clinic at Citi Field, invite youth to a Mets game and help provide employee volunteers for a league project.

Learn more about this sponsorship and the importance of community in the below segment featured first on LXTV Open House.

Looking for a community you can call home? Visit coldwellbanker.com today.

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Home: It’s Tradition.

Let’s talk about tradition. It’s defined as “the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation.” While traditions vary drastically from home to home and family to family, one thing remains the same — tradition and home go hand in hand.

Traditions often start with a story, so that’s how we’ll begin today. Once upon a time, my family sat down to dinner. Dad had just come back from a long business trip and was clearly happy to be home. As we enjoyed a home cooked meal, Dad looked around the dinner table and dramatically declared, “Isn’t it nice all sitting down as a family?” My sister and I rolled our eyes at our sentimental father, but sure enough the next evening, just as everyone sat down to the dinner table, my sister and I raced to say it first.

Isn’t it nice all sitting down as a family?

And he was right. It was. From that day forward, it became our version of grace. Every evening before anyone lifted a fork, we’d repeat that simple phrase. It was a blissful reminder that home, family and the stories shared over dinner were certainly worth appreciating.

I haven’t lived at home for several years now, but I still say our version of grace with my future husband. “Isn’t it nice all sitting down as [almost] family?” He, too, rolls his eyes. But, I know we’ll carry on the tradition when we have children of our own.

Tradition comes in so many different shapes and sizes. And sometimes, we don’t even realize we’ve created a new one. In Coldwell Banker‘s newest 2015 TV ad campaign, “Catch,” we see how the tradition of backyard baseball is passed down from one generation to the next.

What are some of the traditions in your home? Wearing matching pajamas on Christmas Eve? Baking Grandma’s secret chocolate chip cookie recipe? Throwing an annual 4th of July barbecue? Let us know in the comments below — we’d love to hear.

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Real Estate Headlines with Manny Pacquiao, Floating Bed and Slim Thug

The Final Four is set. Baseball is about to begin. And those coconut chocolate eggs are calling your name. Yes, April is about to begin and the spring buying and selling season is in full swing. Let’s welcome April the right way with your weekly dose of real estate headlines.

The OC Register thinks drama abounds in the spring real estate market.

PBS doesn’t think “location, location, location” is a valid real estate idiom.

Rapper Slim Thug shares his cautionary tale of not taking real estate transactions seriously.

South Florida is experiencing an international real estate boom thanks to buyers from Latin America and China.

Here are 8 tips for maximizing space and decor for shared kids’ rooms.

Build a house in a day? It can be done and still look fantastic.

Yes, you do want to see what a floating bed looks like.

Manny Pacquiao is moving to 90210.

A North Vancouver home just sold for $153,000 over asking price. Yes, over. And it sold in 3 days.

And finally, it’s not too soon to start thinking about those summer electric bills, so here are 9 tips to prep for lowering your electric bill this summer.

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Smart House Technology: Digitizing Gardens

Striking the perfect balance between moisture and dryness in your plants’ immediate environment with smart house technology can help guarantee a fruitful garden, no matter the season. Excess watering can create a host of complications, like wilting, rotting roots, and yellowing or browning leaves, that can be difficult to remedy once they present. That’s why investing in smart home technology for your Fort Worth home — especially one which aids in the implementation of a smart watering system for your garden — can protect your foliage and help you conserve water in even the driest of Texas regions.

Plant Prognostications

A major factor in seeing an impressive leafy yield relies on your ability to correctly anticipate the needs of your garden’s plants and flowers. You can take the guesswork out of figuring out how much water your greenery needs by investing in smart watering technology. Smart hubs can regularly access the Internet for local weather history; consider current conditions, including wind speed and sun radiation; and take official forecasts into account before calculating a perfect water plan for your garden.

Manual estimations of this sort can require spreadsheets, charts, almanacs, and maybe even a good fortune teller by your side. A hub, however, can efficiently and expertly come up with a game plan that rivals any under a high school stadium’s Friday night lights. Hubs will even let imminent rainfall take care of your plants’ watering requirements, allowing for a natural conservation of water.

Say Goodbye to Wasted Water

Droughts and local water restrictions can act as speed bumps while on your journey to a lush and healthy garden. Homes that have been equipped with smart house technology that extends to their backyards can turn a basic garden patch into an oasis of domestic vegetation. Some watering technology considers the needs of specific plant species so that you won’t drown their potential for becoming beautiful blooms. An added benefit of this type of technology is that it helps stave off the accumulation of water around your plants and the probability that it will succumb to algae and fungus attacks.

Take Your Backyard Gardening On the Road

Over-zealous gardening is one of the main reasons why excess watering and unintended plant damage occurs. Ironically, downloading a smart garden app onto your phone that provides you with detailed information about weather conditions, your plants, and their watering systems can keep your personal gardening habits in check and vegetation in top form. These apps allow you to literally step away from your garden and allow it to maintain itself through a connected smart sprinkler and other similar systems.

The addition of other smart products in your garden can increase the area covered by this automated technology, giving you the ability to create your own version of the blackland prairies in your backyard. Some technology can even gauge the humidity, air quality, and barometric pressure around your home and compare it to forecasts to ensure the absolute best, most precise and efficient watering schedule possible. Remember …read more

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How to Keep Your Dog Safe at Home

You’ve heard of baby-proofing your home, but what about puppy-proofing? I know from experience how mischievous a new puppy can be in your home, but aside from chewing up shoes and ripping up newspaper, failure to take proper precautions could result in your dog getting hurt. Here are some helpful tips to remember when considering your pet’s safety in the home:

1. Don’t Leave Harmful Food Within Reach of Your Dog
Food items like chocolate, grapes, and raisins, can be extremely harmful and even deadly for your dog. Check with your dog’s vet to confirm what should absolutely be avoided and make sure your dog isn’t anywhere near these items. This is especially important when you’re hosting a party, so make sure your guests know to be cautious as well.

2. Protect Your Pup: Get a Fence!
Your yard should be a place for your dog to get some exercise and play. Distractions like cars going by, other dogs walking past the house, or kids riding by on their bikes can cause your dog to take off without notice. Protect him/her by putting up a fence (regular or electric) to keep them from running into the street.

3. Monitor Your Dog With a Home Security System
With all of the smart home technology available today, keeping an eye on your dog while you’re not home is easier than ever. This doggy GPS system by Tagg is only $99 and attaches to your dog’s collar so you know where they are at all times!

4. Keep Your Home Tidy
Keeping your home neat & tidy is a great way to make sure your pet stays safe. Small items like children’s toys and bobby pins can easily be swallowed by your pet which can lead to severe internal issues. Vacuuming your floors & rugs often will ensure there is no harmful items left behind for your dog to find.

What are some ways you keep your dog safe at home? Leave us a comment below!

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Azaleas find a home to love in Spring

When the couple first moved into their contemporary Spring home – it’ll be 40 years in November – John tried coaxing grass to grow in the front yard.

Beds are naturally mulched with pine needles and oak leaves, and his sprinkler system keeps them from getting too thirsty.

Out back, where the couple eat lunch most days and enjoy a glass of wine on the patio most nights, another high canopy of branches and leaves shelters a long, rectangular vegetable garden where John grows tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers and squash.

The dogs may be small but they make their presence felt by barking excitedly when a visitor ventures up the front walk.

For years, Kathy volunteered at Poodle Rescue of Houston, Citizens for Animal Protection and the Homeless Pet Placement League.

Kathy, who stopped playing tennis when she hurt her shoulder, plays pickleball at the Cypress Creek YMCA- a paddle game that combines elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong. …read more

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In the garden: Wisteria

Cascading clusters of fragrant lavender blooms are short-lived but long-remembered. The hardy vine should be trimmed heavily after it blooms to keep it from taking over the garden or a tree canopy.
Light: Blooms best in full or part sun.
Size: Climbs over fences, trellises or buildings; can be trimmed to a shrub.
Water: Moderate
Bloom: Early spring
Cultivation: Plant Wisteria ‘Amethyst Falls,’ an improved native American Wisteria vine, not the more aggressive Asian varieties. Avoid high-nitrogen fertilizer, which encourages growth over blooms.
Latin name: Wisteria frutescens
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5 Often Ignored Things to Look at Before Buying a Home

Guest post by Apex Waterproofing Inc., a leader in basement and crawl waterproofing in Arlington, VA.

Although the aesthetics of a new home is a vitally important element to consider, there are a few more things that should be examined when viewing your prospective homes. While size of a home matters to many people, you should ensure that there are no underlying potential problems that can cost you a grave amount of money after you buy. By making yourself aware of any possible unforeseen issues, you will be able to effectively work the financial details into your purchasing budget, hire the right help or even request a decreased sales purchase price, to cover the cost of these repairs.

1. Foundation
Foundation cracks generally start small and continue to grow and expand over time if left untreated. This occurs as a result of continuous water pressure on the basement walls, which can also spread to other areas of the home, such as your house’s frame, flooring, ceiling and walls. The cracks can be effectively sealed with the appropriate products, if applied properly. It is important to hire a professional to assess the situation and take the correct measures. Concrete has variations in chemical properties, therefore there are no DIY cure-alls when it comes to the repair of your concrete.

Here are a few things that you can check manually, which have clear indications that you may need to hire a contractor:

  • Diagonal (stair-step) cracks in brick walls. Cracks may go through brick or mortar and vary in width
  • Sagging brick lines when sighting along a wall
  • Bowed or non-vertical walls
  • Separation of wood trim joints at corner
  • Separation of concrete driveway, patio, or sidewalk from foundation
  • Tilting of landscaping/retaining walls
  • Cracks in sheetrock walls or ceilings
  • Bowed or non-vertical walls
  • Bottom of wall separating from the floor
  • Cracks at wall corners
  • Cracks above doors
  • Sticking doors (warped door frames)
  • Sticking windows

2. Floors
Issues with the floors may not always be noticeable. Here are a few signs that there may be foundation damage that has begun to affect your floors as well:

  • Uneven floors, slopping or sagging floors
  • Cracks in ceramic or vinyl tiles or concrete floors
  • Hearing a cracking or popping sounds when you walk across the floor

Keep in mind, you can’t solely rely on the seller to disclose these problems because they too may be unaware. Hiring a qualified and accredited inspector is usually highly recommended by a real estate agent.

3. Mold & Moisture
Keep your eyes open for any suggestions of water damage, such as mold, mildew, damp areas or evident leaks, which may be seeping through the cracks. Mold anywhere in your home can be potentially dangerous. If you don’t notice any visible mold and want to be sure that the mold isn’t hiding in the walls, hire a professional that specializes in mold detection and remediation.

4. Leaks
Leaky walls may be hard to detect at first glance, especially in poorly lit areas of the home. Small leaks …read more

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Home Tip of the Day: Make Room for Hair Essentials in the Bathroom

Running out of space in your bathroom to store curling irons and blow dryers? Create a more organized bathroom by taking a trip to the hardware store for these two items.

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*Header Image Courtesy of: 864 Florida St San Francisco , CA 94110

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