10 Ways to Change Up Your Home Decor With Washi Tape

If you have spent anytime at all on Pinterest you have probably noticed some seriously impressive washi tape projects. From incredible wall art to unique ideas for kids rooms, the ways you can have fun with this tape are endless.

Never heard of it? Washi Tape is decorative Japanese tape that is colorful and great to use for scrapbooking, decorating and more. “Just like masking tape it does come off…unlike duct tape it does not leave a sticky mess.” (wishywashi.com) This type of tape has recently gained popularity, much in part to Pinterest, with apartment renters who want to spruce up their home without damaging walls.

Want to buy some? I like to buy mine from Amazon, WishyWashi.com and Etsy.

Here are some of the cool patterns you can buy from Wishy Washy:

Ready to get decorating? Here are some ideas to get you started.

#1 Add a Stunning Accent Wall


#2 Give Your Fridge a Fresh Look


#3 Spruce Up Your Laundry Room With Fun Designs


#4 Add Some Color to A Kid’s Room

Pinterest User Lady V

#5 Add Some Subtle but Stylish Accents to Doors


#6 Turn Archways into Art


#7 A Cool and Colorful Idea for Ceiling Fans


#8 Add a Washi Tape Border Instead of Nailing Pictures and Art


#9 Wow Your Guests With a Cool Entry


#10 An Interesting Way to Make Your Door Standout

Ayça Demirci

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Stylish Bar Carts

Bar carts are undoubtedly making a stylish comeback. You may remember your elder relatives having them at one point but they’ve now evolved into beautiful centerpieces and decor items.

There are many different ways to incorporate a bar cart into your home. They come in a variety of colors and finishes making it easy to match any design aesthetic.

Bar carts also serve many purposes besides housing your favorite beverages. As you’ll see highlighted in some of the photos below, they act as unique forms of shelving and storage.

This bar cart has a vintage-like gold finish.

This gold bamboo bar cart looks stunning set against the art on the wall.

Another example of how to customize your bar cart. The bright pink is original and pretty.

In addition to housing beverages this rose-gold bar cart is also useful for carrying other necessities.

Bar carts are great for filling in those awkward unused spaces in a room.

This bar cart is beautifully hidden.

Looking for an interesting way to showcase your plants?

How luxurious does this bar cart make the room look?

Adding a fresh bouquet of flowers to your bar cart adds a dramatic affect.

Bar carts are easy to transfer so taking the fun outside is no problem.

To see more stunning decor visit out Pinterest page.
Follow Coldwell Banker’s board Trendy Decor on Pinterest.

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5 Reasons to Rent in Uptown Manhattan

Manhattan is a city full of different neighborhoods, each with their own distinct atmosphere and charms. Uptown Manhattan in particular possesses many unique and wonderful qualities which make it a great place to rent an NYC apartment.

1. Peace and Quiet

The Upper East Side of Manhattan tends to be a quieter, less crowded area, compared to Midtown and Lower Manhattan. This part of Uptown Manhattan has a peaceful, residential vibe that can provide a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the city. The Upper West Side has a similar neighborhood-y feeling, which is great for anyone looking to find a sense of community in the big city.

2. Central Park

If you live uptown, Central Park will likely be within walking distance of your abode. Living uptown affords you the opportunity to take full advantage of the Park’s many beautiful lawns, benches, and running paths, as well as enjoy lovely brunches at the Boathouse restaurant. If you live on the Upper West Side, you can frequent Central Park’s Strawberry Fields, as well as the Shakespeare Garden. If you’re on the East Side, you will have easy access to the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir and its beautiful views, as well as the Conservatory Water and the charming miniature sailboats that float placidly upon it.

3. Affordable Rents

Rents in New York City are known for being high, but certain Uptown Manhattan areas offer more affordable rental options. If you’re looking for a good deal on a studio or a one-bedroom apartment, the Upper East Side (particularly Yorkville) can certainly be a good option to consider. There are many charming side streets with walk-up buildings, or you can find an elevator building with a doorman. Many varieties of rental apartments are available in Uptown Manhattan, so you’re sure to find something that fits the bill.

4. Things to Do

Uptown Manhattan offers a plethora of wonderful restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, and shopping. Madison Avenue is famous for its designer shops and lovely boutiques, and you can stop and refuel at any number of charming coffee shops, such as Sant Ambroeus or Via Quadronno.

5. Culture

Upper Manhattan is positively teeming with art galleries, museums, and beautiful Old World architecture. There’s the Whitney Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim, The Frick, and even more on the Upper East Side’s Fifth Avenue (known as “Museum Mile”). On the West Side you have the American Museum of Natural History and the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

As you can see, Uptown Manhattan has a wide variety of attributes — from access to beautiful urban greenery to shopping and dining galore — that make it a great option when looking for a rental apartment.

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Real Estate Headlines with Lego Apartments, Fast Company and Reality TV

Why do weekends in the summer go so quickly? It feels like an iced coffee kind of afternoon as we reach the last full week of July. Dog days of August await us next week, but before the humidity rises even further here’s your weekly dose of real estate headlines to start your week.

Can landscaping really deter intruders and pests?

Holy House Hunters, Batman! Will reality TV encourage home flippers to get back into the market?

Cash is still king especially in new home sales.

Being in the dog house is no longer a bad thing as more home owners are creating amenities to comfort their canines.

Don’t tell my boys, but “Lego” apartments are all the rage in Australia.

The first female mayor in Paris says her “absolute priority is housing.” Merveilleux d’entendre.

Fast Company has a feature on rooftop solar panels that also act as extra housing.

Oscar the Grouch would be jealous. An environmental activist just made a house out of garbage.

Check out these “homes of the future” from the 50′s and 60′s when plastic was thought to be the building future of the next century.

Bank of America and Merrill Lynch have agreed that the Dodd-Frank bill killed housing.

And finally, here are 12 signs you love your home a little too much.

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Sound Real Estate Lessons from the Incas

This is a guest blog post by our very own Kalpana Krishna-Kumar:

This year I resurrected my travel bucket list and the destination I picked was Peru – in particular Machu Picchu – the mystical “Lost City of the Incas”. To make a long joyous story short, it was every moment the fabulous experience I had dreamed of. That story is for my personal blog; but during my visit there, I kept seeing sensible real estate wisdom the Incas followed many centuries ago that are very relevant to every buyer, home-owner or seller in today’s housing market. Here they are:

Location, Location, Location:

Yes, the Incas must have certainly known of this central tenet of home ownership. Machu Picchu (in original Quechua language meaning “Old Mountain or Peak”) is considered by some to have been the summer retreat of the greatest Inca king – Pachachuti. It was obvious that he thought strategically while picking the location. Machu Picchu has:

- Some of the most spectacular and mystical views in the world
- Abundance of water and food supply from the fertile lands, and
- Natural defenses – steep mountain cliffs and deep precipices that surround it along with the fast-running Urubamba River running along the base of the mountain.

No wonder the invading Spaniards (and the rest of the world) spent so much energy looking for it and could not find it for a long time.

Real Estate Wisdom: Location is key to home value. As a buyer, determine what’s important to you – commute time, schools, amenities, views, neighborhood, etc. and prioritize them. Use these as search criteria whether looking online (check out www.homefacts.com or the Sitegeist app available for iPhones and Androids) or with a Coldwell Banker real estate professional.

Location is key to home value

Knowledge is power:

Have you been taken by surprise when your basement flooded the first time it rained after you moved into your new home? Or you found large cracks in your foundation – thanks to the roots of the beautiful white Spruce on the side of the house? Take a lesson from the Incas – the Incas knew about the seismic activity of the Andes when they decided to build Machu Picchu. They were no strangers to the perils of earthquakes and erosion due to heavy rainfall either. So they borrowed sound construction concepts from the civilizations that occupied the land before them. Inca engineering has amazed historians and tourists alike – even giving rise to speculations of alien intervention (remember Indiana Jones’s adventures in the Land of the Incas?). No – I didn’t find evidence of any extra-terrestrial beings. But I did find smart architecture and efficiency to manage the issues that could affect their sacred abode.

Real Estate Wisdom:

a) Buyers – Before you put your bid in, learn more about the potential home and neighborhood. Some suggestions:

- Ask your real estate agent for a Sellers Disclosure (if available)
- Get the home inspected by a certified Home Inspector
- Request for information publicly available from the Town or simply …read more

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Drop the Watering Can and Enjoy These Low Maintenance Outdoor Plants

Gardening is just one of the many joys that come with homeownership. However, watering can often feel like a labor of love we could do without. This is the first year I have had a garden and I can already say I am kind of over lugging heavy watering cans and fighting with a hose that seems to kink with every step I take. Next year I plan on planting a few less plants that require so much water and thought I would share some of my favorite finds with you.

Do you have any low-maintenance beauties to share? Please let me know about them in the comments section below.

Butterfly Bush

These small, fragrant blossoms grow in spikelike clusters and attract butterflies to your garden. Learn more from sunset.com.

Purple Coneflower

A beautiful perennial that was described as “We’re talking the lowest maintenance possible,” by Chip Tynan at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis.

Blue Eyed Grass


Blue Eyed Grass has small, iris-like leaves and is drought tolerant . Learn more here.

Bee Balm


Sounds kind of like a chapstick right? This brilliant addition to your garden only requires water if rainfall is less than 1 inch per week



According to gardeningknowhow.com, growing salvia is something every gardener should try. This plant is not only beautiful but it can also withstand extreme weather conditions.

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7 Reasons to Stay Home Instead of Going to Comic-Con


1. Who wants to deal with crowds of people?

2. Traveling can be so tiring

3. You can avoid dealing with nerds fighting to impress J.J. Abrams


4. Costumed people make you hyperventilate.


5. Besides you wanted to stay home and run some errands.


6. Plus, you’re super pumped about binge watching Battlestar Galactica…again.


7. Who needs to be at Comic-Con when you have high speed internet at home?


All gifs courtesy of Giphy.com. Header image courtesy of 24spoilers.com.

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10 Things We Miss Most When Away From Home


With vacation season in full swing, it’s hard not to dream of getting away. But, sometimes, when we leave, all we can dream of is coming home.

Here are the 10 things we miss most when away from home:

10. Our pup.
Though we’re pretty sure he misses us more.

Image Source: Reaction GIFS

9. THAT spot on the couch

The polyester chair in the hotel room just isn’t the same.

8. OUR pillow

Oh, how I’ve missed you!


Image Source: Reaction GIFS

7. Not spending money.

At home, our air is free!


Image Source: Money Matters NJ

6. Access to our whole closet.

Because I only want to wear what I didn’t bring!


Image Source: Reaction GIFS

5. Not having to type in the hotel wifi password every 5 seconds.

Because we literally die without the internet.

the-internet (1)

4. Our routine.

I missed zumba?!


Image Source: Reaction GIFS

3. A dresser.

So we can give up the artful smush-everything-back-in and zip.

Image Source: ehow

Image Source: ehow

2. A healthy, homemade meal.

Because the “I’m on vacation” diet isn’t doing anything for our beach bod.


Image Source: Reaction GIFS

1. Our OWN Bed.

There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like….zzzzzz


Image Source: Reaction GIFS

Still not convinced? I hate to break it to you, but vacation’s over…Go Home!


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