Emmy Nominated Shows that Showcase America’s Favorite Home

vp office 2009 300x168 Emmy Nominated Shows that Showcase Americas Favorite Home

Surprisingly, Julie Louis- Dreyfus and Kerry Washington have a lot in common with each other. For starters, both women have been nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in this year’s Emmy Awards for their roles in Veep and Scandal. While both are in vastly different shows in completely different genres, they both just so happen to to deal with the political arena. Washington’s character Olivia Pope was the former White House Communications Director who now runs her own crisis management firm in D.C. The show follows Washington’s character as she tries to balance her stressful job protecting the Capital’s elite with a her personal life which has been burdened by a huge secret. Dreyfus in Veep plays the Vice President of the United States trying, in a sense, to overcome being in the shadows of the President and the difficulty of finding her own way.

Seeing how both Emmy nominated shows deal with politics, each also take place in one of our favorite homes in the world—the White House. While neither program actually films in Washington D.C. (Veep films in Baltimore, Maryland and Scandal is shot entirely out of Los Angeles, California) they both are able to showcase the home beautifully. Here are a couple of our favorite White House rooms featured on the shows:

Vice President’s Office

The Vice President’s office, located in the West Wing of the White House is just as equally important as the Oval Office. We don’t often see photos of the room, but here is what it actually looks like! A lot of scenes from Veep take place in a replica of this office.

The Oval Office

The Oval Office, better known as the formal office of the President is probably the most recognizable room in the White House; where all the magic happens. Here is where the President conducts most of his meetings and a lot of all-important press conferences. Washington’s character Olivia Pope also spends plenty of time in this room while she “works” with the President.

Best of luck to both nominees at this year’s Primetime Emmys! The Emmys air Sunday, September 22 on CBS at 8:00 Eastern Time. Stay tuned during program for Coldwell Banker’s “We Believe” ad! Use the hashtag #CBBelieves to get in on the conversation.

Featured photo via stannate

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A Front Row Seat to the Versace Mansion Auction

versace1 A Front Row Seat to the Versace Mansion Auction

Guest Blog Post by Jennifer McGuire

Casa Casuarina, formerly known as the Versace Mansion, was auctioned off in South Beach yesterday for $41.5 million – a bargain in the eyes of most who have entered this palatial Miami icon. Listed by Coldwell Banker’s power team, The Jills, the mansion is as notorious for the decadent parties Versace held there as it is for being the site of his tragic murder in 1997.

I was among the lucky few with a ring-side seat at the auction. If you’re old enough to remember Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous, this could have easily been an episode. (If you’re not, just think Kardashians.) The bids opened at a paltry $25 million, which was still just a tad over my budget, so I had to refrain from getting in on the action. But watching from the sidelines was just as entertaining. An auction of this magnitude is exactly what you’d expect – steely eyed lawyers wearing well-practiced poker faces, gregarious auctioneers egging them on, subtle cues from the hard-to-spot decision makers, gorgeous young ladies in expensive designer outfits perched nearby watching the events unfold.

The auction itself took only about five minutes, after which auction company, The Jills and the new owners stepped out onto the marble steps leading to Ocean Drive to make the announcement.

They were greeted by a throng of news cameras, photographers and journalists with a few curious tourists mixed in, who had been standing outside in the sweltering Miami heat, anxiously awaiting the news. The helicopter circling overhead and the double decker tourist bus that passed by with a few dozen cameras plastered to the windows just added to the circus feel.

After making the announcement, a few of the new owners did what any happy new home owner would do – they shed their suit jackets and jumped into the 24-karat-lined pool. Buckets of bubbly magically appeared from the hotel next door, and it turned into one of those impromptu celebrations that earned the mansion its reputation.

versace2 A Front Row Seat to the Versace Mansion Auction

Congratulations to Jill Eber and Jill Hertzberg (The “Jills”)

My family is purchasing a new home next month, and I plan to do the exact same thing. Of course, I’m fairly certain there’s no gold lining our pool, and the bubbly will come from the grocery store.

Jennifer McGuire is the PR & Communications Manager for NRT LLC – Southeast

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Bricks of Love: A Film from India

It’s just a home made of bricks. Bricks of love.

Those are the final words of what is possibly my favorite video in the Coldwell Banker International Film Festival. Aptly named Bricks of Love, Indian filmmaker, Srivatsa Jonnabhatla, didn’t have to venture far from home for inspiration on this story.

Srivatsa Jonnabhatla remarked that the central character for this film was family:

I am always inspired to show why culture is so important. How it makes you identify the good and bad. Whenever I see my cousin and sister (Raghava and Rukmini from video), it makes me feel happy because he preserves the traditions by not missing any festivals at home. That motivated me to make a film on his new home, he built to enhance the joy of those traditional festivals.

A father’s desire to provide something better for his child is a concept I know I can relate to, and creating a home where traditions and family can be nurtured and grow is one of the greatest gifts a father can provide a child.

Take a look at the amazing film, Bricks of Love, at films.coldwellbanker.com as well as the other videos that are part of the first ever Coldwell Banker International Film Festival.

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A Film from Mexico About the Things that Make Home So Special

Today we head over to Mexico for a look at “I’m Home” – a humorous film that showcases how a man’s troubles in his home are also the exact things that make it so special. We can almost all relate to the hustle and bustle that occurs in the main character’s home in this wonderfully put together story. This film is for all those times Grandma breaks your diet during the Holidays with those unhealthy but irresistible treats; and for those nights you want some peace and quiet but everyone congregates in your home telling loud stories and enjoying each other’s company until the wee hours of the morning.

Directed by up and coming Director Israel Fernandez, “I’m Home” touches on the universal important role that family and friends play in making a house a home.

“When we read about this project we were very excited because families in Mexico are very important and we have a unique chance to show the world all the traditions and details that make a Mexican family so special. The video in fact was a great excuse for having a good time with friends and family and we think that vibe shows through the screen and made the video a success.” – Israel Fernandez

What has been wonderful about screening these International films the past few weeks has been how each film from nations vastly different hone in on a singularly similar appreciation and love for family and friends. It’s the memories and moments with those closest to us that make our houses home.

Visit films.coldwellbanker.com for a look at our latest story from the Coldwell Banker International Film Festival.

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Home..Where Your Best Memories Live

537760 10100566696068592 1012328374 n Home..Where Your Best Memories Live

A childhood birthday party of mine

The second week of our Coldwell Banker International Film Festival kicks off with a wonderfully subtle and heartfelt film from Brazil called ‘Where Your Best Memories Live‘. This is our second entry from Brazil but the first from Mauricio Thomsen who is an Art-Director with a real passion for film-making.

There’s a certain unspoken power and feeling that comes over you when you look back at old photos. Seeing how we tend to take pictures during life’s most joyous and happy moments; looking back on them years later inevitably brings feelings of nostalgia and delight. Not only do we look back on those old childhood birthday or Christmas photos; we almost experience the sights and sounds from the days our photos were taken.

Thomsen’s film plays on this sensory experience to great effect in ‘Where Your Best Memories Live’ as he brings his old photographs from his childhood home to life.

“My film features a sequence of old photographs with great moments that happened inside or around a nice house. But using a technique with the photos being held in front of the camera aligned in the actual place where they were taken in the past. This is a well-known aesthetics and a worlwide “meme” web sensation, but here I took it to another level with movement in video and with ambient audio (simulated from what was happening in the old pictures). It’s a whole another experience, where they really “come to life” and bring up many great feelings.” – Mauricio Thomsen

Join us for the next story at films.coldwellbanker.com where the filmmaker’s “great memories come to life, a living proof that a house really enables unforgettable moments.” We certainly agree.

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Cactus and succulent sale opportunity to find rare plants

Honey extractor day: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. at Wabash Antiques and Feed Store, 5701 Washington; 713-863-8322, wabashfeed.com. $30. With Master Gardener Ken Steblein. 9-11 a.m. at Galveston County AgriLife Extension Office, 4102 Main, La Marque; 281-534-3413. Succulent container workshop: 10 a.m. at Buchanan’s Native Plants, 611 E. 11th; registration required at 713-861-5702, buchanansplants.com. Fall lawn care clinic: 10:15 a.m. at Cornelius Nursery, 1200 N. Dairy Ashford and 2233 S. Voss; calloways.com. Build your own rain barrel workshop: Organic container gardening: 2:30-4:30 p.m. Urban Harvest event at Wabash Antiques, 5701 Washington; 713-880-5540, urbanharvest.org. $24 members, $36 nonmembers. Planting the Fall Vegetable Garden: 6-8:30 p.m. Urban Harvest event at Westbury Community Garden, 12581 Dunlap; 713-880-5540, urbanharvest.org. $24 members, $36 nonmembers. With Master Gardener Herman Auer. 9-11 a.m. at Galveston County AgriLife Extension Office, 4102 Main, La Marque; preregistration required at 281-534-3413.

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‘Home Is’: A Film from Portugal

Being 1/4 Portuguese, I was pleased to see a fellow countryman have a video appear in the Coldwell Banker International Film Festival. This film from Portugal was created by Zé Pedro Abreu and is one of the most beautifully shot videos not only in the film festival, but that you’ll come across in short form content.

Abreu finds film-making to be a mixture of work and play, and he directly relates to that to buying a home. Here’s what he had to so about creating ‘Home Is…’:

Filmmaking is a labor of love, and for me, so is buying a house.

By the moment I saw (the concept of a video about the value of a home) I completely related to it and it was the perfect opportunity to match these two passions, showcasing a journey of a young adult discovering the real meaning of a home, and therefore, making one of the biggest decisions of his life: to buy his home.

In addition to the incredible cinematography, ‘Home Is…’ also boasts possibly the most attractive cast of the set of videos you’ll see in the film festival. The central character’s eyes make Cal Ripken’s look like they’re nothing. But let’s move on…

Take a look at the journey one man takes to discover what a home holds in store for him in this video from Portugal called ‘Home Is…’ at films.coldwellbanker.com.

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At Home in the Rainbow Nation: A Film From South Africa

As the Coldwell Banker International Film Festival continues, 22-year-old film student Stephen Horn welcomes us to the “Rainbow Nation” with a beautifully captured look at what home means for the people of the diverse nation of South Africa.

“How do people make their houses into homes in South Africa? We are known for our diversity and have been hailed as the “rainbow nation” by Nelson Mandela. This film shows how people of different cultures in South Africa experience their culture in their home, using one of the five senses as a starting point for each story.” – Stephen Horn

The film cleverly uses the five senses (sound, smell, touch, sight and taste) as a metaphor to illuminate what the true value of home is. While four walls and intricate architecture hold our houses up, home is made up of an immersive set of experiences and feelings: The smell of mom’s pancakes in the morning, the sight of your pet greeting you as soon as you walk through the door, the sound of backyard barbecues, etc.

Take a look at the many faces of South Africa tell you what home means for them in ‘At Home in the Rainbow Nation’ – at films.coldwellbanker.com.

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Home as Seen Through the Eyes of a British Bulldog

No the title is not referring to the former WWE wrestler, but rather the third film in the Coldwell Banker International Film Festival entitled, ‘Watson.’

This video comes to us from American filmmaker, Jared Januschka, who explains how a banned photo became the inspiration for this video:

I was banned from sharing the photograph that inspired The Wonderful World of Watson. Basically, it’s of one of my dearest family members asleep on the couch with Watson laying near his head. One of Watson’s arms is extended over his cuddle buddies shoulder in a protective gesture. After seeing that, I knew I had to make a project around my pup and Coldwell Banker gave me the perfect opportunity.

This warm humanist gesture was the epitome of what ‘home’ meant to me and what I believed Coldwell Banker strives to continually bring to the world.

If man’s best friend can’t make a house feel like home, I’m not sure what can. Januschka also dishes on a little bit of gossip from the film set. Turns out that Watson is a Mariah Carey-esque diva on set. Somehow I’m not surprised.

I guarantee you’ll love this humorous and heartwarming take on what the true value of a home means when seen through the eyes of the family dog.

Click here to watch ‘Watson’ and the other videos in the Coldwell Banker International Film Festival at films.coldwellbanker.com.

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