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  • Tips On Selling Your Vacation Property
    Some may find that they are not able to utilize their second home as much as they would like, and decide to put the home up for sale.
  • Slideshow: 5 Homes with Incredible Swimming Pools
    With summer quickly approaching, everyone is gearing up for the season’s hottest pasttime: swimming! The beach can be fun but there is nothing like having your own oasis right in the backyard. Swimming pools have long been a focal point for homes because they bring everyone together where real lasting memories are made. Whether you [...]
  • Home of the Week: A Lakefront Estate in Rubicon Bay
    Designed in 1939 by world renowned architect Julie Morgan of Heart Castle fame; our newest ‘Home of the Week’ is a true marvel to behold.
  • Welcome Home: An American Soldier’s Thoughts on Home
    “Home is my favorite place.” That’s how this video starts and I’m not sure a better intro could be given. In this vignette from the series we call “Welcome Home” we talk with the Michael & Michelle Hults about what home means to them. Michael served in our military for many years but when he came home from service recently the place he loved to come back to was almost completely ruined.
  • Real Estate Headlines for the Start of June
    The halfway point of the year is here. Welcome to June. A month full of weddings, graduations and the start of the summer vacation season. As you start to think about whether or not you should just buy a vacation home instead of renting every year, here is your weekly dose of real estate headlines to start your week:
  • The End of a Real Estate Era
    5 Overbrook Road. Randolph, NJ. I had always imagined it would be home forever. It didn’t matter that I went away to college, got different jobs, had apartments of my own, eventually got married, bought my own house and had kids, that red Colonial on the hill was always going to be there.
  • How to Organize Your T-Shirt Drawer
    A quick video on how to fold t-shirts to make them “look/appear” as if they are folded perfectly while making it easy to see what you have and maximizing space inside the drawer.
  • What to Do When a Home Purchase Deal is Derailed
    Unforeseen circumstances can prevent a deal from concluding successfully.
  • Neighborhood Features to Examine Before Buying a Home
    Location, Location, Location! An obvious and important aspect of buying a home is looking at the home itself, but another, and sometimes forgotten, is exploring the neighborhood. Limited amenities and services, unkempt communities and noisy neighbors can curb a home sale, and to avoid moving into an area that lacks the features owners are looking [...]

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