Home of the Week: A Boston Classic in Beacon Hill

In our newest ‘Home of the Week‘, we move from a Tuscan Villa in Italy to a historic townhouse in one of Boston’s most desired neighborhoods: Beacon Hill.

Listed for $4.3 million, this stunning recently renovated property has that quintessential “Boston” feel to it while incorporating architectural elements you’d typically find in French or Italian country homes. The two-story masterpiece features over 3,100 square feet of interior living space that include 4 exquisite bedrooms and baths.

Living in a city doesn’t mean you can’t have bountiful outdoor space either! One of the most charming aspects of this home listed by Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage is the enchanting walled garden you’d expect to see somewhere in Europe.

Not only is Boston Strong, but it’s beautiful as well! Click here if you’d like to see more of this phenomenally located home.

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How to Keep Pets Cool and Safe at Home in the Summer

Can you imagine sitting in your house wearing a fur coat on a 90 degree day? Sounds horrible right?

As the temperatures rise it is important to keep your pet(s) comfortable and healthy. The summer sun can cause pets to become overheated, dehydrated and if left outside, sunburned.

Here are a few tips for protecting your pet from the summer heat.

Give Them A Summer Haircut

Pets that have thick, long fur should be trimmed (not shaved) during warmer months. If your pet is anything like mine, then sunbathing is a favorite afternoon past time. Unfortunately this could lead to heat stroke if they aren’t properly groomed, reports Yahoo.

Keep Them Inside

You may think  you are doing them a favor by leaving them outside to catch the summer breeze but this could be a fatal mistake. According to Petfinder, even in the shade, a pet exposed to extreme heat and humidity is at risk for heatstroke. In addition to heatstroke, animals with shorter hair are also at risk for sunburn when left out in the sun. If you are outside in the sun with your pet, consider buying them Pet Suncreen.

Provide Plenty of Water

Water is likely to vaporize on extra hot days …read more

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5 Must-Dos for Your Home Before Going Away on Vacation

All year we look forward to the summer season. The sun’s shine seems ceaseless, backyard get-togethers bring endless smiles, and undoubtedly the best of memories are made on those summer trips with the whole family. However, while it may seem like all fun and play—“the highest percentage of burglaries occur during the summer months,” mainly because most families are out of town. (safeguardtheworld.com) So before you leave home to go on that much needed vacation, here are four tips that may help to protect your home and family from falling victim of robbery this summer.

Keep Mum on Specifics
Many of us get so excited about our plans to get out of town that we eagerly go on various social media platforms to make posts and even post pictures about the occasion, which (believe it or not) makes our chances of being robbed exponentially higher. “Every 13 seconds a home intrusion is committed;” to help lower your chances of being a part of that statistic, limit how much you share about specific details. Only share information with close friends and family, to be on the safe side. Once your vacation is over and you are back home you can …read more

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How to Remove a Border, Philly-Style

If you’ve had enough of the Phillies’ latest summer slump, then you may be thinking about replacing the strip of wallpaper with the team’s logo pasted on the walls of your man cave and redecorating with an Eagles one. Possibly, your youngest child is heading off to Penn State this fall and you want to remove a border with cartoon characters and convert the bedroom into your new home office. Maybe you’ve recently moved in a cozy starter home just off of Main Street in Manayunk and can’t stand the sight of that eighties black and forest green diamond pattern border in the kitchen.

Whatever the reason, you just want to reach up under that loose seam and yank the border off the wall. It may peel right off. Sometimes, you get lucky. But if a good strong pull leaves behind more than a few shredded remnants of your ex-favorite Philly sports team logo, there are other ways to get rid of the eyesore. Just remember not to wear your kelly-green Eagles-throwback jersey while you work. Wallpaper removal can be a messy job.

If your primary concern is protecting the walls beneath the border, you may want to first try …read more

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Chances of Selling Your House

badsmell Easy Ways to Improve Your Chances of Selling Your House

Selling a home requires you to pay attention to how a property appears to buyers. Improving curb appeal, keeping the home tidy and making it look fresh and modern can attract more potential buyers and may result in a quick and easy home sale.  There are several tasks homeowners may undertake to prepare their homes for a sale that require them to spend money. For example, making repairs or home improvements, hiring a home inspector to assuage buyer concerns and improving a property’s curb appeal are common among sellers.

However, there are several other low-cost but equally important tasks sellers should take that carry a great deal of importance.

Rid the home of unsightly features or scents

Walking into a home that smells odd or foul can quickly turn a buyer the other way.  In some cases, homeowners may be accustomed to the smell of their home and not even realize that it may smell off to outsiders. For example, individuals who have cats may grow used to the odor of their cat’s litter box, and smokers may be oblivious to the scent of cigarettes. Other smells may be less subtle, such as the scent of a dusty basement. It’s important to …read more

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Real Estate Headlines for the Start of Summer

Summer officially arrived on June 21, but by now pretty much every child is out of school and every part north of the equator is experiencing warmer weather. Cookouts, baseball and excessive pool time shall commence. But here you are in front of your computer reading a blog post…sigh…me too. For those of us who must work through these days of summer, here’s your weekly dose of real estate headlines:

Just when you thought the media was done with the bubble talk, CNBC insists on trying it again.

The LA Times reports that banks are starting to lend more freely when it comes to home loans.

What’s the oddest housing market in the world? The Financial Times says it’s Cuba.

The Wall Street Journal asks, “Will your home sale be tax free?

If you’re home shopping in Bellingham, WA, you better get up pretty early. The majority of home searches for Beliingham occur between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m.

MintLife has a few tips on how to avoid sellers remorse.

Want to live like Leonardo DiCaprio? Here’s how to rent his Malibu Beach House.

And finally, a new film called The Bling Ring is …read more

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Is Your Home Ready for Summer?

Summer is FINALLY here but is your house ready?

Getting a house ready for summer is important. To get ready for the heat, many people try to lighten up the tones of their home and clean it from top to bottom to keep it bug-free. In addition, there are several ways to organize a house to avoid the hassle of managing it when the heat sets in.


Take the time to go through a home and remove excess items that are old or no longer in use. Owners can store seasonal items in attics, sheds or basements, and create a pile to donate to charity. Decluttering can make a home feel more spacious and make the process of organizing feel less stressful.

In addition to tossing or storing unwanted items, it’s also beneficial to walk through the home and toss old rugs, hand towels, sheets, placemats and curtains that are worn. The same goes for candles, appliances and other household items that have run their course or are no longer in season.

Go lighter

After a home has been cleared of clutter, homeowners can lighten the mood and get into the spirit of summer by replacing dark patterns with lighter, neutral colors. For example, purchasing …read more

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Homes that are Ready for World War Z

world war z movie poster Homes that are Ready for World War Z

World War Z, the best-selling book turned movie is projected to be a summer hit is already getting rave reviews as it releases in theaters today! The thriller follows Brad Pitt, as Gerry Lane—an average Joe turned modern superhero — as he battles against the zombie apocalypse which is threatening to conquer the world  and ruin humanity.

So it got us thinking, are our homes ready for World War Z? Chances are, probably not. However, we did some research on ColdwellBanker.com and found some awesome homes that are definitely better prepared for the impending zombie takeover than most. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Mountaintop Retreat- $15,000,000
This is the perfect house to come to when all is going awry. It is completely isolated and has plenty of amenities and space to help keep the family busy while taking refuge.

2. Isolated Island Home- $24,000,000 
Everyone knows that Zombies cannot swim, so this Minnesota home is a perfect haven to retreat to when all of downtown Minneapolis is falling to the enemy, as it is completely surrounded by water.

3. Helicopter Accessible Estate- $43,000,000 
This secluded home has spectacular 360 views of the Pacific Ocean and downtown area. In addition to being built …read more

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Is Your Home the Latest Victim of Phantom Energy?

Do you ever look at your energy bill and think, “This just does not make any sense”? If so, you may be the latest victim of “Phantom Energy.” Increasingly, our households are becoming more technological than ever, meaning almost everything needs to be charged and plugged into an electrical socket. And although we unplug our various gadgets from their chargers, how often do we disconnect the actual plugs from the wall?

Anything connected to an electrical socket  uses energy, even though it may be off or not in use, and thus creates a running tab. Consequently, over time, “Phantom Energy” can have a significant impact on households financially. The Huffington Post has reported that Phantom Energy can amount to about 10% of the average household’s electrical bill, yikes! Most of the common, energy stealing, culprits are cell phones, tablets, light fixtures, and kitchen appliances. Another alternative to combating “Phantom Energy” is to connect your devices and appliances to a power strip that features an “On” and “Off” switch. By switching the strip to “Off” at the beginning or end of the day you take what can be a hassle, of unplugging every single plug, out of the equation.

Never Lose Stuff in Your House Again

sticknfind radar hand Never Lose Stuff in Your House Again

Lost your keys or wallet when you are already running late for work?

Stuck on the same channel because you have no idea where the remote control is?

NO CLUE where your pet is hiding?

Sound familiar?

We have discovered a product that allows you to keep tabs on these items and doubles as way to track pets and even children! It is called StickNFind. As the Queen of misplacing my cell phone and keys, the second I found this product I had a “Shut up and take my money” moment.

What Is It?

StickNFind is a tracking device that is about the size of a quarter. You can stick them to any device, person or animal (suggest collar tag), and find them with your Smart Phone.

Requirements: iOS devices with Bluetooth 4.0 (iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, new iPad, New Touch, mini iPad) It also works on Android devices supporting Bluetooth Low Energy, running Android 4.1 and newer.

They come in six different colors and are available in the following quantities:

2 pack- $49.99

4 pack- $89.99

6 pack- $129.99

10 pack- $199.99

20 pack- $389.99

How It Works

Remember playing the “Hot/Cold” game when you were younger and trying to find something only to be tortured by an adult saying warm, hot, boiling …read more

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